We are an open community of mature gamers and friends.   Come join us and be a part of SPIDER.

Core Philosophy, The way we play games together.

SPIDER is a community of mature gamers and friends
The community and its members are here to game in a friendly and fun environment. We frown on cheating, hacking, and discrimination. We value our sense of camaraderie, community, and good spirit; both in-game and out. Sometimes, nights are just spent chatting away on Mumble, because this is the type of community we are and will continue to be.

Community Rules, Bring a good sense of humour and play fair.

Members of SPIDER are requested to log into Mumble when gaming, even when playing single player games. This community is centered around social interaction and by promoting the use of Mumble, we foster an environment where players can learn about other games, make friends, and generally find themselves having a better time than they would have had just playing alone.
  This goes without saying under the 'mature' banner. SPIDER members should treat fellow SPIDERs and all other gamers with respect. As such, you must refrain from behaving aggressively towards others or using inflammatory language. Our members behave with maturity and ensure that the image of SPIDER is synonymous with fair play and good sportsmanship.
Our community forum is the primary location for text-based communications between members. We recommend you read the posts in the forum once a fortnight. Fun posts are always welcome and we just ask that your posts remain respectful at all times. Posting links to illegal software, music, or media is not allowed. Offenders will be removed from forum access and are subject to dismissal.
  Here at SPIDER, we shun cheaters. Any member found cheating will be dismissed. Any accusations of cheating by members targeting their fellow gamers should be backed up with evidence and reported to the community lead. Remember, this is a game. Here at SPIDER, we promote fair play in the digital world. Don't become that jerk everybody remembers used to game with us.
Given the casual nature of our community and its dynamic set of supported games, members of SPIDER are permitted to be active within other gaming organisations. Member inactivity may lead to your Mumble and forum access expiring, but feel free to return and re-register with us.
  Discrimination in any form towards fellow SPIDERs or any other communities is not permitted. We are a friendly bunch of people and hence cannot tolerate discrimination. Violations of this rule are to be reported and will be followed up directly by the community lead.